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Excellent work! I recorded a clip for the YouTube channel:

It was really hard but in a good way. I probably did 20+ attempts. Never saw the boss from the screenshots 😅. I noticed some issues but they were mentioned in other comments, so I won’t repeat. Looking forward to where this project goes.

Thank you so much! Really appreciate that! I saw the video, you played pretty well :D I already did a lot of improvements from all the feedback I got so I can now focus on creating new content :)

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Really great game. I have really enjoyed it so far!The enemies could use better pathfinding, as an eye wouldn't come down from the edge of a hill,and I couldn't even hit it. I believe that it would be great if you for example made a discord server so that fans are able to join and discuss the game.

Hey! Thank you for your feedback! The pathfinding is the biggest weak-spot in the game right now.. I'm working on that..
I made a discord server a while ago but never posted it because there was nothing to talk about before the demo.. But now it might be a good idea :)

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Lots to like here for an early demo.

The good: I really like the "feel" of the game. The character movement, and combat feels nice, especially when played with a controller. I enjoy the Spelunky-style level generation, and the mixture of enemies and items present. The music is chill and soothing, almost Stardew Valley-esque at times. The UI is looking fantastic, your button / screen designs are smooth.

Possible improvements: The first thing I noticed is I couldn't get Skill 1 to work, but perhaps my controller's LB button is broken and this is the first time I've noticed (ha). I enjoy the item enhancements, but noticed that sometimes they overwrite a previous improvement (at one point I lost my double jump when I acquired another item, which was a bummer). Is there a way to regenerate health? I'm not sure if it is a necessity in the game, but if it is does exist, I didn't figure out how to do it. I also found that when I reached the bottom of each floor the UI began to get in the way - it would be great if the camera panned a little lower so as to not obscure the character / enemies. Lastly, a simple 'pause' menu to exit the game from would be nice.

All in all, great work so far. I look forward to seeing future developments.


Thank you for the nice feedback! 

The LB ability is not implemented yet, your controller is fine :) The item improvements shouldn't override, I'll take a look at that! I'm working on the health regeneration (maybe orbs that drop randomly or flasks) but I also want to build in items that grants you HP regeneration. The camera is a problem I know. I currently work on a better generation for the map, the view shouldn't be a problem after that! Also the pause menu is in the making :) 

Again, thank you for playing and for the feedback, this really helps a lot!

Really nice game, I really like it. But the game suddenly crashed in the middle of the floor. Here is that error:

Thank you for playing man! Seems like you get the same error as the one before... will dive into it ASAP!

I liked it! The art style is cute, and the amount of abilities is good (I believe there will be more, right?). Also I can notice that you have polished most of the things that are there, made with care, attention and passion.

There are some things that were a little weird, at least for me. 

# The control layout. It's kinda weird to get into it. I suggest you to change from using a row of keys to something like two rows. You know, UIOJKL or something like that instead of FGHJKL. Also, Jump being the spacebar was a little weird as well since you had to change back to the other keys to do things.

# The wall jump. At least in this demo, it doesn't feel that useful. Also, I believe the character gets down really fast, so there's not a lot of time of response. Maybe this gets better if you change the key for jump.

# The cave layout. This is probably just me, but the square-ish approach (I understand) makes the layout feel weird specially in the thinner parts of the cave. 

# The camera/view. Specially in the cave. You get to see a lot and since the character is tiny, it feels a little distracting.

I got this error while fighting agains one of the monsters on the cave. I believe I was supposed to die or something but I hope you get to find the issue and fix it.

I hope you consider everything I said, and some of those things are just nitpicks or my own point of view. Maybe you chose them in purpose and thats a way to see things, different than mine. You don't have to change them, but if something of those comments help, I'm glad I did.

You said you posted the demo to get feedback about how the game feels. So far, it feels good! But I believe it can feel a little better! I made a prototype for one of my games for the same purpose, but this is way more polished. I feel like I'm already playing the real thing, but I'm glad that we can help you to get other points of view!

Thank you so much for playing and reviewing! That's exactly the reason I created this demo! I will definitly look at all of the things you said, sounds all very helpful.

I will get an update ready as soon as possible to fix that bug!

I got the same error. I really like the game!

Thank you! Did you played the 2.0 version? The bug should be fixed there..

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